Intra-Company Transferees to Canada

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What is an Intra-Company Transferee?

The intra company transferee program was designed keeping in mind the multinational companies that have branches/parent companies, subsidiaries etc. in Canada.

This program allows for to temporarily transfer of foreign workers.

What is the Intra-Company Transfer Immigration Program?

This program allows workers from foreign countries to obtain an intra company work permit in Canada. Employees with specialized knowledge or those working as executives, senior managers and functional managers may qualify under the program.

Who Qualifies for Canada’s Intra-Company Transferee Program?

To qualify for this program, employees need to have worked for the company for at least one year on a full-time basis. Additionally they need to have specialized knowledge. Those in an executive or managerial position may qualify.

  • Executives who perform direct management or major components and functions of the business, while receiving only general supervision or direction from other executives, directors or shareholders.
  • Managers who supervise and control the work of other managers or supervisors, and/or manage essential functions within the business or a division.
  • People with specialized knowledge, where the individual must have proprietary knowledge and advanced expertise of the company’s product or service.

What are the Intra-Company Transferee Requirements?

  • Documents which prove the foreign worker has been employed, and is currently employed, as a full-time employee at the company for at least one year.
  • The transferee’s current job description or evidence of the individual's specialized knowledge.
  • The job description of the position in Canada.
  • The duration of the intra-company transfer.
  • Proof of the relationship between the company in Canada and the foreign country

What is the Intra-Company Transferee Processing Time?

Depending on which country the applicant applies from, this process can take anywhere from a month to a year.

Everything you need to know about Intra-company Transferee

Here are some very important questions you need to ask your immigration consultant before applying for your intercompany transfer.

  • Can I change employers while in Canada on an intra-company transferee?
  • What is the maximum duration for intra company transferees?
  • May I request an Intra-Company Transferee for my spouse?
  • What specialized knowledge qualifies for intra company transfer?
  • What are the Intra-Company Transferee requirements if the company is a start-up?
  • Does my job qualify for an intra company transfer work permit?
  • Do I need to transfer in the capacity I was working in abroad?
  • How does intra company transfer pricing work?
  • What are the intra-company transferee fees?
  • If I am promoted in Canada, can I get an extension?
  • As a company, what do I have to provide the transferee?
  • What does my employer need to provide for me?
  • Can I work part-time on an intra-company transfer?
  • What happens if my Canada intra company transfer is rejected?
  • What are the intra-company transferee requirements if the company is a start-up?
  • Can I use my intra company transfer to apply for permanent residence?

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